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How to Install Underfloor Heating

Thermonet and Tyco Raychem underfloor heating both work very well with all types of ceramic and stone-based floor surfaces, since these offer minimum resistance to heat transfer. The normal surface temperature of ceramic floor surfaces is slightly lower than room temperature, which is often 20-30 degrees less than body temperature. This results in the floor felling very cool to the touch. Underfloor heating removes this chill and brings the floor temperature to a comfortable level.

How to Install Thermonet Underfloor Heating

Thermonetintr1 imgStep 1: Unroll
Start laying your mat nearest to the thermostat location. Unroll it with the yellow wire down.

Thermonetinstr2 imgStep 2: Cut
When you reach the end of your first run, separate the yellow heating wire from the blue mesh at the loop ends. Use a utility knife or scissors to cut the blue mesh to size. NEVER CUT THE YELLOW WIRE!

Thermonetinstr3 imgStep 3: Repeat
After cutting mesh, the next run can be at any angle. Curves or angles can also be accommodated by detaching the yellow heating wire from the blue mesh, and just laying the wire independently. Long lengths of Thermonet heatmat can be cut and turned any number of times.

Thermonetinstr4 imgStep 4: Done
After positioning, Thermonet should lie flat. Now, you are ready to trowel your tile thinset or floor leveling compound over the heating mat and then lay your flooring material. To ensure even heat distribution, the self-leveling floor compound should be a minimum thickness of 3/8". Allow the self-leveling floor compound to cure. Then, the floor of your choice can be installed in the normal manner.

Download the Complete Install Guide (PDF) for more detailed instructions.

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How to Install Tyco Raychem Underfloor Heating

Tycoinstallfirst imgStep 1: Membrane
We highly recommend first installing an isolation membrane in order to isolate the heating layer from the substrate. We recommend Dural Durabase CI as the best underlayment.

Tycostep1 imgStep 2: Unroll
Unroll the mat, starting from the thermostat location.

Step 3: Cut and Repeat
Cut the mat in pieces to fit your space. Don't cut the heating element.

Tycostep2 imgStep 4: Done
Apply a thin leveling coat, and then you are ready to tile.

For more information, download these PDFs:

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