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How to Install Tiles

We highly recommend the use of a basic grout such as Tec AccuColor, plus a grout admix such as Grout Boost Advanced Pro or Tile Doctor Grout Admix rather than a sealer. Firstly, admixes are mixed into the grout itself, so applying them couldn't be easier. Secondly, admixes never wear off: as the grout wears down, more admix gets exposed. Thirdly, with with these products, grout becomes physically incapable of supporting mold and mildew growth.

Use Tile Doctor Grout Admix for showers and Grout Boost Advanced Pro for floors. The Advanced Pro formulation of Grout Boost is highly stain-resistant, even protecting against oils, coffee, and pet messes. Tile Doctor Grout Admix holds up better to constant water submersion.

Tec AccuColor is a great grout to use because it comes in 32 different colors to match any decor. There are even 32 matching colors of siliconized caulk and 20 matching colors of silicone sealant. Tec also makes the best thinset mortars.

do it yourself 1
If this project is a wall & floor installation, always start with the floor. 1.On bad concrete, smooth with concrete filler, or similar compound. 2. On old concrete, clean & remove old dirt. A degreaser is recommended. 3. On vinyl floor, remove vinyl flooring and adhesives. 4. On wood floor, install concrete board tape joints with fiber glass tape, & thinset joints. 5. On old ceramic tile, clean with degreaser and test a small area overnight for bonding.
do it yourself 2
6. Draw center lines and mark them with a chalk line and a straight edge. 7. Lay out a few tiles to visualize the layout. 8. Spread your thinset with appropriate trowel at an angle of 45 degrees. For mixing instructions, refer to adhesive manufacturer. 9.Install the the ceramic tile against the straight edge and center line. 10. Lay a beating block on the tile, and with a mallet, pound gently to smooth the surface to achieve better bond. 11. Move the straight edge to the next section of installation. Repeat steps 8-11.
do it yourself 3
12. Remove wallpaper and remove all traces of adhesives. 13. Remove loose paint and scratch good surfaces for better bonding. 14. Patch wall and smooth  walls with appropriate compounds. 15. Clean & wash old walls with degreaser cleaner. 16. Smooth rough surfaces by sanding or scraping. 17. If installing over old ceramic, scratch the glazed surface.
do it yourself 4
18. Draw your vertical line using bubble level or tile setter's lead. 19. Draw your horizontal line using a bubble level. 20. Spread adhesive at 45 degrees following manufacturer instructions. 21. Apply ceramic tile starting at the center to the side walls.  22. Proceed to cut the side walls with nippers or a good tile cutter. 23. Cut the bottom as much as required.
do it yourself 5
24. Clean the tile 24-36 hours after installation. 25. Spread grout using a grout  float. 26. With the grout float, pack grout into the joints. 27. Remove excess grout with the grout float.   28. Let it dry for 10-20 min. 29. Rub along the joints with a wet sponge.
do it yourself 6 * After grouting, do not use or wet the area for 24 to 36 hours.
30. Polish tiles with a clean cloth. * If you did not use a grout admix, then 7 days after completion, seal grout with a grout sealer.
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