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Templi Floor Ceramic Tiles

The texture of a natural stone that has weathered the onslaught of time, only to become more beautiful.  Combine modular pieces with a simple motif deco for a poetic statement in texture. Templi is an affordable, durable, maintenance-free ceramic tile.

Templi Ceramic Tile Floors

templi ceramic tile layout.jpg


templi ceramic tile layout2.jpg

12"x12" 11PF308
templi ceramic tile 11PF308.jpg
6"x12" 11FD308
templi ceramic tile 11FD308.jpg
6"x6" 11FC308
templi ceramic tile 11FC308.jpg

12"x12" 11PF304

templi ceramic tile 11PF304.jpg
6"x12" 11FD304
templi ceramic tile 11FD304.jpg
templi ceramic tile 11FC304.jpg

12"x12" 11PF3011

templi ceramic tile 11pf3011.jpg
6"x12" 11FD3011
templi ceramic tile 11fd3011.jpg (237853 bytes)
6"x6" 11FC3011
templi ceramic tile 11fc3011.jpg (101784 bytes)

12"x12" 11PF3013


templi ceramic tile 11pf3013.jpg
6"x12" 11FD3013
templi ceramic tile 11fd3013.jpg
6"x6" 11FC3013
templi ceramic tile 11fc3013.jpg

Templi deco tile available in 6"x6",
with 4 different patterns and 3 different colors.

templi ceramic tile deco 11FCTM8a.jpg templi_ceramic_tile_deco_11FCTM8b_small.jpg
templi ceramic tile deco 11FCTM8d.jpg templi ceramic tile deco 11FCTM8d.jpg


templi ceramic tile deco 11FCTM13a.jpg templi ceramic tile deco 11FCTM13b.jpg
templi ceramic tile deco 11FCTM13c.jpg templi_ceramic_tile_deco_11FCTM13d_small.jpg


templi_ceramic_tile_decor_11FCTM11a_small.jpg templi_ceramic_tile_decor_11FCTM11b_small.jpg
templi_ceramic_tile_decor_11FCTM11d_small.jpg Templi ceramic tile decor 11FCTM11c.jpg


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