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Dural Duralis Listello Deco Dorado Anodized Aluminum Profiles

Dural Duralis Listello Deco Dorado Anodized Aluminum Profiles

Duralis Ceramic Tiles Finishing Profiles

Straight-Edge tiling profile for wall and floor

Made in Germany

Duralis-10-15-20-trans img Duralis-color img

Height: 5/16" (8 mm)

Anodized Aluminum and High Gloss Anodized Aluminum available in gold, dorado, champagne, titanium, high-gloss gold and silver

Profile height is 5/16" (8mm).Please choose profile width from pull-down menu.

The DURALIS profiles by Dural are decorative strips that were developed for visual wall design. They provide individual aesthetic improvements to tiled areas within the home or work place. The profiles are available in widths of 10, 15, 20 or 25 mm for aluminum and 25 or 40 mm for stainless steel.

The DURALIS profiles of anodized aluminum are of special refinement and therefore the surface is usually not subject to changes. The visible surfaces however, must be protected against any cement materials. Scratching or abrasion can generate damage.The DURALIS profiles of stainless steel ("Star" with peel-off strip) are especially suitable for areas subjected to high stresses due to chemicals and acids. They meet highest requirements of resistance to mechanical impact. Stainless steel profiles are used in foodstuff industry, swimming pools, and in hospitals and breweries.

DURALIS is intended for decorative use within the domestic and commercial areas. Damage by impact or scratching is unlikely within normal use.


  1. Decide the width of the DURALIS profile required.
  2. Apply sufficient tile cement onto the wall above the upper line of tiles. Alternately: apply tile cement onto the rear of the DURALIS profile.
  3. Leaving a joint of 2-3 mm 5/64 - 1/8 between tiles and profile, press the DURALIS profile into the cement until both surfaces (tile and profile) are flush.
  4. Place the next line of tiles above the DURALIS profile.
  5. Leave a joint of 2-3 mm between tiles and profile.
  6. Completely fill the space between tiles and profile with joint grout.

Care and Maintenance:
DURALIS Profiles do not require any special care. Dirt deposits can be removed with the usual commercial cleaning materials. The cleaning materials must not contain hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid and must not be abrasive.