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Pro Advanced custom tile waterproofing mud concrete membrane kit for 48 x 72 Center or Offset Drain showers or smaller

Pro Advanced Custom Tile Mud Kit 48x72 Center or Offset in ABS or PVC
  • Available in your choice of ABS or PVC drain connection
  • A kit for easy installation of custom waterproofed shower space using single-layer dry-pack mortar "mud" method.
  • Waterproofs floors and walls for maintenance-free tiled showers
  • Amazing grate cover choices with screwless design

Pro Advanced Custom Tile Mud Kit 48 x 72 Center or Offset Drain

This kit not only waterproofs the single layer sloped mud floor, but also provides for a seamless waterproofing of most or all of the wall areas, curbs, etc.

Choose your Drain Location and Quick Clip options to finalize price for your kit

Rather than utilizing a pre-formed pan, these kits have been created to allow you to easily design and build your own custom pan with a single sloped layer of dry-pack mortar and dictate a customized drain location of your choice. These kits are particularly useful if your shower floor area is not a standard size, drain layout, or will include a complex shape. The kits are far less complicated than traditional sloped mud - rubber liner - sloped mud method that required advanced skills and additional installation time. Pro Advanced Mud kits make it easy for you to create a custom-sloped pan using the dry-pack mortar method with less concrete, less time and complete accuracy.

Advantage! Waterproofing doesn't just end at the pan! This system seamlessly waterproofs from the floor area to the walls and curb barrier as well! The included Quick-pitch sticks help you ensure a quick and easy construction of a correctly sloped dry-packed mud pan.

Compared to older mortar-pan methods that required the tedious labor involved with two sloped floors and a buried vinyl/rubber liner, our modern Pro-Advanced Mud Kit creates a much faster, easier and fool-proof installation that utilizes superior "surface" membrane protection and next-generation drain systems. Continuous membrane protection from the drain throughout the pan area and continuously up the walls prevents not only damaging leaks but also moisture penetration into the walls. No moisture in the walls means no lingering moisture that can cause structural damage over time or fuel mold and mildew problems in the wall tile. Very high-moisture shower enclosures or steam showers can be installed with membrane

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  • All the components required to build a fully bonded water tight assembly for tiled showers.
  • Includes the highest quality, most innovative and attractive drain system on the market.
  • Protects floors and wall cavities against water and vapor penetrations.
  • Single layer sloped mud bed using quick pitch sticks allows full customization while reducing weight and installation time.
  • System can use modified thinset for better adhesion, stronger installation and elimination of failure possibilities.
  • You may install glass tiles and other specialty pieces with this system where unmodified thinset systems won't allow for these materials.

Note: You will need to obtain dry-pack mortar mix from your local hardware supply. 4 parts sand - 1 part portland cement is generally recommended.

The Pro Advanced Custom Shower Kit package includes:

  1. Qty 10 Quick-pitch sticks and (4 Center drain, 5 Offset drain) Extension sticks for size of kit. More may be ordered as needed.
  2. 135 SF of Waterproofing Membrane. More may be ordered as needed.
  3. 1 - 41' x 5" Waterproofing Joint Strip. More may be ordered.
  4. 1 Pro Advanced Clamping Drain in ABS or PVC with selection from 10 stunning grate cover choices.
  5. 1 Grate Puller (Grate is screwless!) and 1 easily accessed integrated hair trap
  6. 4 Pre-formed Inside corners. More may be ordered.
  7. 1 Drain Flange Flashing for Waterproof Membrane Transition.
  8. 1 Universal Pipe Seal for any size pipe. More may be ordered.
  9. Curb Option length and Type (can choose No Curb or No Curb with Outside Corners).
  10. If no curb is chosen, Outside corners are optional (see options).
  11. Quick-Clip hold-down clips are optional. These are recommended for wood substrates where you may screw the clips down to hold the quick-pitch sticks. For concrete substrates (like basements), you can use double-stick tape (not included) on the stick itself rather than using the clips (clips do come with double-stick adhesive).



*Note: Your kit contents may vary from components shown depending upon the size and options chosen


  • Grate size: 3 3/4" x 3 3/4"
  • Comes with grate puller to easily lift grate
  • Features screw-less design and accommodates integrated hair trap
Polished Chrome E4401Polished Chrome
Bright Brass E4402Bright Brass
Black Chrome E4403Black Chrome
Brushed Nickel E4404Brushed Nickel
Antique Pewter E4405Antique Pewter
Polished Copper E4406Polished Copper
Oil Rubbed Bronze E4407Oil Rubbed Bronze
Brushed Bronze E4408Brushed Bronze
Polished Nickel E4409Polished Nickel
Satin Nickel E4410Satin Nickel

Optional Curbs:

Optional Curb Forms - easy to build concrete curbs - 30" sections: Kirb Perfect Kirb-Perfect 30" Concrete Curb Form

Optional 30" Concrete Handicap Curb Form:

Handicurb img Handicap Concrete Curb Form 30"
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