Aug 07

Schluter Kerdi Waterproofing shower System 323 Square foot roll

Schluter Kerdi Waterproofing Shower System 323 Square Foot Roll
  • Kerdi Membrane for waterproofing your shower wall and floors
  • The width of each sheet is 3.29 feet or 39.5"
  • 323 Square foot roll of Kerdi
  • Made By Schluter Systems

Kerdi Waterproofing Membrane


This is Kerdi Membrane sold by the Square Foot. The width of each sheet is 3.29 feet or 39.5".

To calculate square footage, take Inches length x width needed and divide by 144 and round up. If working with feet, take your linear feet needed and multiply by 3.3 and round up. For example, 5 Linear feet x 3.3 feet width = 16.5 SF round up to 17 SF to order.


Schluter-KERDI is a bonded waterproof membrane with limited crack-bridging capabilities. It is made of soft polyethylene, which is covered on both sides with a special fleece webbing to anchor the membrane in the thin-set mortar.

Schluter-KERDI was developed as a waterproofing membrane to be used in conjunction with ceramic and stone tile coverings. Tiles can be installed directly on Schluter-KERDI using the thin-bed method. Other trowel-applied covering materials, such as plaster, can also be used.

Pre-cut sections of Schluter-KERDI are available for inside and outside corners, as well as for pipe collars. Use Schluter-KERDI-BAND, in widths of 5" (12.5 cm), 7-1/4" (18.5 cm), or 10" (25 cm) to seal butt joints or corner joints. Schluter-KERDI-FLEX, in 5" (12.5 cm) or 10" (25 cm) widths, is used to seal expansion joints or flexible edge joints.

Installation sequence

Kerdi Install Step 1

1. Apply a thin-set mortar that is suitable for the substrate.

Kerdi Install Step 2

2. Press Schluter-KERDI fully into the mortar.

Kerdi Install Step 3

3. Work the KERDI into the mortar by applying pressure to the membrane with a flat side of the trowel.

Kerdi Install Step 4

4. Tile can be installed over Schluter-KERDI using an unmodified thin-set mortar.