Jul 30

Pro-Source Center Universal WP Pipe Seal for all Membrane Waterproofing Systems

Tub n shower Water Proofing Pipe Seal Universal

Pro-Source Center Universal WP Pipe Seal

Protects sensitive areas from moisture

Center stretches to fit any size pipe up to 1 Inch.

When used with waterproof membrane systems, it provides a perfect seal

ProSource Center WP Universal Seal for any Pipe


Features stretchable center gasket that tightly seals pipe

Used for pipe protrusions of any size up to 1"

This seal may be used with WP or Kerdi systems - with Modified or unmodified thinset.

Pro-Source Center Universal Seal is a section of WP waterproofing membrane with a stretchable center gasket that will seal pipe extrusions. This pipe seal works with 1/2", 3/4", 5/8" and other pipe sizes.